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The Salone Margherita Theater Opened November 15, 1890, the Salone Margherita was the first and most famous cafe chantant Italian. Inspired by the Parisian model of "Les Folies Bergere" and "Moulin Rouge" I emulated styles and trends. On its stage performed internationally renowned artists: singers, comedians, magicians, dancers, fine speaker, but also acrobats, jugglers, contortionists, horsemen, even bearded women and snake charmers. Nicola Maldacea furore with its salacious spots; Leopoldo Fregoli, Berardo Cantalamessa and Gennaro Pasquariello you gained extraordinary triumphs. But to ignite the audience were especially disturbing chanteusesBy Cleo de Merode to Eugénie Fougère, from Armand'Ary Belle Otero by Consuelo Tortajada Lucy Nanon. Women undoubted charm, capable of losing his head to princes and kings of half of Europe. In many crowded into the bottom of the Umberto I Gallery Cruise trusting in a nod of the "chanteuse" in turn. Cavalry officers in full uniform to collect duels dispute graces, mustachioed gentlemen in frock coat came from all over Italy dissipated their fortunes among flowers, jewelry and champagne. I viveurs prevail. There was the risk - chronicle - to be stunned dall'avvenenza of Lina Cavalieri, "the most beautiful woman in the world", or disturbed dall'insolenza the infamous "move" of Mary Fields. That Law, the irreverent songs, the cancan wild and sensual, atmosphere "French". Even prominent members of the intellectual world, first of all Matilde evening, nor were conquered. In essence, the Salone Margherita was the symbolic place of the exciting and carefree Belle Epoque Naples. Not only theater, though. In this intense and exciting adventure cinema has indeed played a major role. In 1896, after Rome and Milan, and Naples is compared with what was then called "motion picture. And it was the local entitled to the Queen of Italy to host the evening of 30 March, between the general enthusiasm, the national debut of "moving images". Moreover, unlike the rest of Italy, where the film shows were translated into occasional events, a therefore more or less temporary character, in the Salone Margherita, starting tonight, was launched for the first time a film program continued. And thanks to an offer that changes every day - from documentaries seen Lumière brothers Troncone, from historical and mythological blockbuster production signed by the popular Elvira Notari - the hall had a decisive role in the spread of cinema in the city. The years preceding the Great War (1914-1918) marked the decline not only of cafe chantant but of an entire era, the Belle EpoqueDestined to be swept away by the roar of cannons. A distance of more than a century, the name of the Salone Margherita is still able to evoke images, suggestions, wonders.

Galleria Umberto I 83 - 80132 Napoli
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